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Whether you've got writer's block or just need a boost of creative inspiration, 365 Book Blogging Ideas from Broke by Books editorial director and Book Riot contributor Sarah S. Davis is a comprehensive creative tool to help you never run out of book blogging ideas. Along with 365 book blogging prompts organized by topic, 365 Book Blogging Ideas contains extra material with in-depth information and actionable advice on how to brainstorm, find ideas, and run a successful book blog in several chapters with bonus content.

This book will help you:

-Develop a brainstorming routine that helps you continually have fresh book blogging ideas.
-Learn ways to spin article ideas in a non-icky way.
-Find out the honest answers to your 10 most asked book blogging questions.
-Create an editorial schedule that works for you so you're never left wondering how often to post.
-Finish more books than ever with strategies to fit reading in your life.
-Create and expand your book blog's following with posts that build audience engagement.
-Establish recurring series that guarantee you will always have something to talk about.
-Write social media-friendly posts that build urgency and community.
-Understand what evergreen content is and how to incorporate it into your content strategy.
-Decide questions like, "What should I name my blog?", "Should I buy a custom URL?", and "Should I specialize in a niche genre or be a generalist?"
-Learn how to define and own your book blog's brand.