Celebrating almost 60 years of the Corvette Z06, the latest iteration of the race-bred variant promises to be the best performing and most refined Z06, ever. For many Corvette enthusiasts, the Z06 is perhaps the most desirable model within the line-up. Using the success and development of the C8.R race car, the C8 Z06 will integrate the first-ever flat-plane V-8 engine ever seen in a production Chevy, let alone a Corvette.

Absolutely boasting the most powerful naturally aspirated V-8 available in any production vehicle, the 670 horsepower LT6 engine is truly an engineering marvel. Undoubtedly, the LT6 engine is one of the most interesting and potent power plants available in any modern performance vehicle. GM has touted the new Z06 as the definition of the American supercar, intended for the discerning enthusiast who truly seeks the most refined and rewarding driving experience possible. With a mid-engine layout, a meticulously crafted chassis, and a truly spine-tingling exotic exhaust note, this may be the closest thing to that definition we have ever seen.