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180+ Marketing Tips for the self-employed

Get the 3 Minute Marketing Brainstorm and over 180 marketing tips for the self-employed

"It's not just ideas, its a complete system to evaluate your existing lead generation & help increase
revenue. So many people stress and worry about how they will generate traffic, leads and signups.
All I can say is 'take your pick', execute, and repeat. Knowledge is not power, but applied knowledge is."

Fraser J. Hay, Author

If you are self-employed, then DOWNLOAD the 3 Minute Marketing Brainstorm today:
Frustrated in wanting to generate more fans, friends & followers?Stressed about generating sales online and offline?Under pressure to generate new qualified prospects?Concerned about cashflow and want more money in your bank account?Practical, powerful & proven marketing tactics for the self-employed that generate results.

What if you could evaluate existing marketing activities to help you identify where
you should be focusing (or testing)?

For each of the 180+ practical, proven marketing tactics shared in the book, decide:

whether you’re using it and it works wellnot using itusing it and doesn’t work wellwon’t use itare prepared to test the concept in a new campaign.This will help you focus and improve your self-employed marketing activities - guaranteed.

Inside '180+ Marketing Tips for the self-employed' you will learn:
Generate leads, enquiries, prospects, sales and referrals online & offlineEvaluate current activities, compare against previous activities Decide what the human, technical and financial resources you have available & needTest NEW practical, proven and powerful approaches shared in this concise book.Imagine...
...NEW Backlinks to your site, generating qualified traffic, that you convert into signups, downloads
& Sales? What if you could generate new leads, enquiries, prospects and referrals for your products,
services and solutions?

What if just 1 idea from over 180+ in "The 3 Minute Marketing Brainstorm" could generate 1, 3
or 5 NEW clients for your products, services or solutions?

How much would that be worth to you?

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