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Medical Interpretation Bloopers!
I have my own story of medical translation gone bad in the form of a serious ear infection because translated as a serious brain bleed. This misinterpretation could have meant the difference between my friends adopting their daughter or not. Because I lead a relatively sheltered life in a predominantly English speaking country, only holidaying in other English speaking counties, I am surprised that I have a story like this to tell.

Learning From Your Mistakes
Nobody's perfect. Especially language learners. I've seen folks who study a language for an entire 6-month stretch, then give up, only to want to study again after five years.

How to Write Good English For ESL Writers
Before he became a famous writer, Ernest Hemingway started his career as a young reporter for the Kansas City Star. It was there that he received a very basic style sheet that contains four simple rules. What did it say?

An Overview of Dialects in a Nutshell
Dialects originated at a time when most people spent their whole lives living and working within the same village or parish. Dialects will vary by region, even town or village and by social groups. They typically differ in terms of the pitch in accent, with the use of the verbs and adjectives, particle usage, overall vocabulary and in some cases pronunciation. However they di