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What is the 10 K Case Study


The 10K Case Study is a video case study by an affiliate guru called Brendan Mace. He explains how he made these figures easily by just sending out emails. Difficult to believe I know but if you check out his credentials online, he is well known, trusted and successful. So why not have a look at the free case study. 

The 10K Case Study video explains how you can make a great income by email marketing

For more information on email marketing check out email list success

In-order to be successful with email marketing you first need to build your list.

First decide on your niche market. Once this is done you want to find out what topics people who are interested in your market want help and advice on to solve problems. Let us say you choose exotic pets as your marketing. Some people may want information on how to look after a Parrot. Now if you have a report on keeping parrots. You could offer this in exchange for their email address. All you need to do is create a lead funnel offering your report. Then add an optin form so when they sign up, you get the email address. 

But more importantly for them they are sent to the download page for the report. Now it is up to you. You can send them a nice welcome to my list email. Then I would send them additional information over a couple of weeks to gain their trust before trying to sell anything. Some people just try and sell straight away. 


This is not good you need to build trust.

The best way to do this that I know of is to provide them with relevant free information and even resources if you can. Remember people interested in your funnel offer will sign up and get free access to your offer. Then you have a lead that you can market to in the future. However do not sell, sell, sell. Provide value, treat them with respect. By doing this they will see you as an authority in your niche, and also as a caring person. Once you have a list you can email people for years. It is a vert valuable resource to have.

The 10K Commission System is a simple process. 

Build you list of potential clients. Then build trust and your reputation. 

Lets use another niche example

Find a free product that you can offer to people interested in your niche. Let us say you are promoting affiliate marketing. Your site visitors are interested in anything to so with this topic. So why not offer a free guide to teach them about video marketing. All they need to do is to opt in to your form. Then they will be taken to your download page where they can access their guide. Now you have their email you know they are interested in learning about video marketing. So now you can send them information on products, plugins, themes and even affiliate products that are to do with video marketing. That is a simple explaination. Just watch the case study to get more details of how to earn this sort of income easily

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